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Cokeley Farms Controlled HuntsFor the hunter who doesn't have the time, or the budget to pack up and go far to the north or west to hunt pheasant or quail, Cokeleys has the answer. For the past 24 years we have offered controlled shooting upland game bird hunts for pheasant, chukar, and quail. In controlled shooting, the hunters decide what species of bird they would like to hunt and the number they wish to pursue in the field. many hunters tell us that they couldn't even buy the gas to go elsewhere for what the entire hunt costs is at Cokeley Farms.


There are two basic packages to choose from. Package #1 is $108.00 per gun and the hunter has the option of 4 Pheasant, 6 Chukar, or 10 Quail. The second package is $185.00 per gun and the number of birds is doubled, saving this hunter 14%. The hunter also has the option to mix and match, for the same money, so a two species hunt is readily available.  If a guide with dog(s) is required, the guide fee is split between the hunters in the group. Tips are greatly appreciated, as the guides are self-employed, provide their own dogs and pay all their own expenses. Please try to evaluate these circumstances as you would in any tipping situation, however, tipping is optional and is between the hunter and the guide. Cokeley Farms receives no revenue from guide fee or guide tips or bird cleaning fees.


One member of the hunting party goes out with the guide who sets the birds. That gives the hunters an idea where the birds will be. Pheasant and Chukars are set so they won't fly off when released.


We have no time limits on the hunts. If you want to stay out all day or order more birds to hunt that's ok. Most hunters feel tipping in addition to the guide fee is necessary for the hard working guide. It's not only the time out but the time they have invested in the dog training to make the hunt successful. A cleaning facility is located behind the clubhouse for those who want to clean the birds. Birds can also be cleaned by the guide for a nominal fee.


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