General Information

  • Hunt Pkg # 1 $115.00 per shooter. Choose 4 Pheasants or 6 Chukars or 10 Quail.
  • Hunt Pkg # 2 $199.00 per shooter. Choose 8 Pheasants or 12 Chukars or 20 Quail.
  • Group Pkg $340.00 an unlimited number of shooters. Call for more information.
  • Guides $50.00 fee plus tips (if needing a guide)

For further information please call 785-771-3817 or 785-215-9081

Lodging: We can provide...

A Lodge that sleeps 10 with a kitchen, microwaves bath, and wi-fi.

Lodging cannot be guaranteed to everyone as wild bird hunt packages include lodging and take preference over all other hunt packages.

DEPOSITS: Required only for hunts that include lodging and are non-refundable.

Guided Wild Bird Hunt Packages:

$315.00 a day per person, including lodging, self serve breakfast, and crockpot lunch.

Deer Hunting Packages:

*We have limited our deer hunts.

Spring Turkey Hunts:

Note: Annual Kansas State Limits Apply

$700 per person including 2 days of hunting and three nights, guide services, bird cleaning, and cold storage, lodging, a self-serve breakfast, and crockpot lunch.

Sporting Clays:

Open Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday Regular Rates:

$45.00 (per round of 100 targets)(Includes KS State sales tax)
$31.00 (per round of 50 targets)(Includes KS State sales tax)

Fridays and Sundays: Discount Days

$35.00 (per round of 100 targets) (Includes KS State sales tax)
$27.00 (per round of 50 targets) (Include KS State sales tax) 

We Offer GREAT Deals on Fundraiser and Benefit Shoots!