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Sporting Clays in NE Kansas

Cokeley Farms Sporting ClaysA round of Sporting Clays might be just the boost you need to tune-up for the following day's hunt. Sharpen up that shooting eye and ease those jitters. However, to many, sporting clays is a standalone sport, dicey and competitive. On a windy day, the challenge is unsurpassed by any other shooting sport.

Our course is fully automated with two traps at each station. During the cold-weather season, we have 10 stations in operation with 12 during nice weather. Targets are changed frequently to provide new challenges for our shooters. Some targets are set with limited difficulty to provide the new or novice shooter the chance to score as well.

The course, with stations that include targets over water, skipping rabbits across the flatland and simulated, high flying Teal launched from 30ft towers, is not only challenging, but taking in the countryside and the two large ponds adds to the excitement and beauty. We have a wide, gravel path winding through the course but if you cannot walk, you are welcome to bring a golf cart or any other conveyance.

The course is open all year round, seven days a week. Shooting hours are from 9:00AM to 4:00PM with Friday and Sunday being the discount days. Inclement weather sometimes makes access to the traps difficult, so call ahead if there is a question about weather conditions.

Additionally, we offer two golf carts for rental; just as with the weather, please call ahead to rent or take your chances. Join the thousands of satisfied participants in our Sporting Clays Park.