Cokeley Farms Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays
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Sporting Clays

The Big Three Upland Birds: Pheasant, Quail, and Prairie Chicken!

Cokeley Farms Sporting Clays

Even though the drought of 2012 took its toll on the existing wild upland bird populations, we continue to see steady natural increases in their numbers making available the rare opportunity to hunt the "Big Three" wild Upland Birds: Pheasant, Quail, and Prairie Chicken.

Come on!! Join the ranks of hunters from all over the world who have enjoyed our hospitality and guided hunting on wild Kansas birds with their dogs and ours. Your dollar will go farther here at Cokeleys!

$315 per person per day includes...

  • Lodging
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Full day of hunting with a guide, your dogs and or the guides
  • Crock pot lunch