Professional Bird Dog Training and Boarding

We understand there is more than one way to enjoy hunting upland birds but we believe and insist, such hunters should always use a bird type hunting dog. Aside from increasing One's daily bag, a dog reduces the loss of crippled and injured birds, not to mention the recovery percentages on costly preserve hunts. Best of all...Hunting upland birds with a good Bird Dog, is indescribable!!

On one end of the scale, some are content with acquiring a young Bird Dog, taking the dog hunting, allowing the birds, surroundings, and situations to do the dog training. On the other side of the scale, many would not consider upland bird hunting without a well bred and trained Bird Dog”

Regardless of your upland bird dog preferences, our combined seventy plus years of bird dog training and experience will help you cut through the jargon and confusion on your way to owning a “well-bred for you” dog that will not only ethically enhance your hunts but will be a dog of which you can be proud.

You don’t have to tolerate a dog that isn’t performing to his full potential.

P.S...In all fairness to your Bird Dog, the Human responsibility in the dynamic of the“Bird Dog/Hunter" mechanism, is to cleanly harvest the bird, particularly when the Bird Dog holds up his end of the bargain by revealing where the bird is hiding. 

Trust Cokeley Farms. With that said, if you need some training and practice yourself, we can help there as well; visit our Sporting Clays course and tune yourself up.


Cokeley Farms is ready to provide all of your dog training needs from starting puppies to finishing polished bird dogs. 



Will Cokeley 

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Available Services: 

Boarding - Daily=$15 Weekly= $75 Monthly= $250

Quick Show Training On The Spot: 

If you bring your dog with you, we will take a look and assess, free of charge, while you wait. 

Hourly Lessons - $35/Hour; you bring yourself and your dog, then both of you go home together after each lesson.

Obedience And Field Training - includes boarding of your dog - $700.00 Per Calendar Month, With $350.00 In Advance

Typical Results Timeline

One Month

  • Kennel Command/Loading Into Vehicle, Using Low-Intensity Electronics To Teach Your Dog How To Turn Stimulation Off
  • Leash/Post Breaking
  • Introduction To Birds and guns
  • Handling, Hunting, Finding and Pointing Live Quail
  • If  Your Dog Is A Natural Retriever, We Will Shoot Birds over your Dog

Two Months

  • Complete, Finished Whoa Breaking
  • Focus On Relaxed Intensity On Point
  • Backing/Honoring Another Dog’s Point
  • Breaking To Wing
  • If  Your Dog Is A Natural Retriever, We Will Shoot Birds over your Dog

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